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Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Fence Panels

Wood Fencing in Houston

Basic Damage Repair.

Part of maintaining a wood fence is repairing any damage that panels may sustain. A wood fence may be damaged in any number of ways: rotting, splitting or other mishaps. Keep on top of the repair by removing the damaged panel and replacing it. An advantage of wood panel fencing is that you can repair or replace individual pieces rather than the whole fence. Repair may include repainting a worn piece, or it could involve replacing an entire panel. Either way, it is a job that you can get done in a few hours.

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Iron Fencing Gates in Houston

How to Take Care of Your Iron Fence and Iron Gates

  1. - Clean using Wire Brush. - A wire brush can be used to remove any deposited rust on the whole surface area of the iron fence. Do not try nickeling and gouging on the gates if the gates and fences are made of soft iron. After cleaning with the wire brush, use dish detergent and warm water to clean away the rust spots if remaining and the dirt spot. An old toothbrush can prove helpful to reach the areas which are not in direct reach of your hands. Leave the fence to dry and you will see all the rust and dirt spots have vanished.

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Iron Fencing in Houston

Tips to Keep Your Dog Inside Your Fence

  1. - Remove Aids to Escape. - It’s amazing what dogs can use to their benefit when trying to escape from the yard. A garbage can stored next to the fence becomes a climbing aid; a step stool. Firewood piled next to a fence does the same thing; it’s easy to climb up on firewood then hop or climb the fence. A tree with a low limb hanging over the fence is also an avenue to escape.

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