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Fencing in Houston Texas

7 Benefits of a Privacy Fence

Security and Value

Did you know that having a privacy fence around your property can drastically lower your homeowner insurance rates? Depending on your insurance carrier, you can pay far less for coverage and in time your privacy fence will have paid for itself and more. A well-built, well-maintained privacy fence will also increase your home’s resale value should you ever decide to sell.

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Balcony Railing in Houston

What Are The Advantages Of Wrought Iron Railings?

Whether they are for a residential or for commercial purposes, wrought iron railings have many advantages and benefits for the property owner. While there are many materials out there that home and business owners can choose from, we believe that you can never go wrong with wrought iron railings. They are both functional – helping to ensure the safety of those on your property, as well as beautiful.

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Chain Link Fence Commercial

5 Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing carries significant functional value. From construction sites to playgrounds to backyards, there are a number of different situations where chain link fencing can be an excellent option. While it might not be the most elegant fencing option, it is certainly reliable when it comes to utilitarianism. It can go up quickly and it'll keep a space secure. Here's a look at five benefits of chain link fencing.

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Horizontal Wood Fencing in Houston Texas

Four Benefits of a Wood Privacy Fence

Are you considering installing a privacy fence around your property? If so, there are several great wood privacy fence options to choose from, including a stockade fence, which provides a solid wood barrier for your property. If you prefer only partial privacy, lattice fencing can be installed on top of the wood privacy fence to create a decorative touch. Although the main reason most people install a privacy fence is to keep your backyard out of view from others, there are several other great benefits that come with installing a wood privacy fence.

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Wood Fencing in Houston

7 Steps to Keep Wooden Fence Posts from Rotting

How can you stop fence posts rotting, or at least keep them in good condition for the longest possible time? Before they go in, it’s particularly important to coat the posts with a good wood preservative, paying particular attention to the end of the post where the timber meets the earth or goes into the concrete. Fitting the garden fence posts properly in the first place makes a big difference. Posts often fail because of poor drainage and low quality wood. Here are 6 ways to maximise their lifetime.

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